Gayle Sherman Crandell, MA, LPCC

Gayle has been privileged to work with people living with and affected by life-challenging illness, grief and transition for over 30 years. She is a therapist, professional trainer and clinical supervisor. Since 2011, Gayle has facilitated a group for women living with metastatic breast cancer. She has presented at countless conferences and workshops nationally on the emotional needs of people at the end of life, caregiver grief, resilience among professionals and talking with young people about death.

Gayle’s approach to counseling is deeply impacted by her travel to Thailand, Spain, Bali, Kyoto, Australia, Singapore, and Western Europe, and having lived on both coasts before landing in the middle of the country (which she loves!) She is a political news "junkie" loves to garden without gloves, and cocoon at home with really good coffee. She lives in Minneapolis with her spouse of 25+ years and rescue dog, Joey -an old scruffy terrier who accompanies her to work each day. She loves her time with her adult kids who are peppered throughout the east coast, west coast, and old south.

Prior to Crocus Hill Counseling Center, Gayle was a therapist and program director at Center for Grief, Loss and Transition for over ten years. In Washington, DC, Gayle was in private practice working extensively with people living with HIV and cancer, and education director for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington and the St. Francis Center. She was part of a team who began LAYN, a homeless youth program in Hollywood, coordinated programs and provided counseling for the LA Response Center for survivors of sexual assault and worked with several former cult members at the California Institute for Women. Gayle contributed a chapter entitled "The Grieving Caregiver" to the book Caring for the HIV/AIDS Caregiver, and is an ADEC certified Thanatologist.